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Patient Reviews & Experiences

I’ve explored many different Chiropractors in SW Washington and the Portland Metro area. It wasn’t till going to Dr. Barnes that I finally felt that a problem was fixed and not just bandaided till my next visit. I’m in the gym daily and have done much damage to my body over the years due to an extremely active lifestyle. After getting adjusted I told her about a shoulder pain that I’ve had. I neglected to mention it upon arrival cause it had become the norm. I had pushed through the pain in hopes of strengthening the surrounding muscles and thinking it would fix itself. Once I told her the symptoms within seconds she had a solution. She adjusted my shoulder and that was over a month ago and I’ve yet to experience any pain. I may not know how it all works, I just know it does!

Thank you!


 I went to see Dr Barnes at Nu-Life Wellness Center for my chronic migraines that I have lived with for many years.

I experienced a technique that proved extremely successful in providing me relief from my debilitating migraines.

She has helped change the well-being of my life and I cant thank her enough!


I feel so much better and not dizzy. 

2 years ago I was afraid to stand up and

hold my baby because of being dizzy, last summer when my great grandson was here

I was even dizzy and could only sit and hold him.

Today after treatment for a couple months I am not dizzy anymore and life is so much better.


For quite a few years I have experienced a stiffness in my shoulders and made it difficult for me to turn my head to

the right side and look back to see if any cars were coming from behind us on the road that came in almost

parallel on that right side. But after receiving several treatments from Dr Karen, I

was pleasantly surprised to realize that I only turned my head instead of my upper torso in order to see if any

traffic was coming on the road. 

And I can still do the easy and natural way again now.

Thank you Dr. Karen


Dr Barnes is definitely one of a kind! 

When it comes to her chiropractic technique and her extensive knowledge about the body I always walk away just in awe of what this doctor is capable of! Which is extreme success to the way that I feel! One of the reasons that I go to see Dr. Barnes it’s because I grind my teeth and clench my jaw while sleeping and even napping therefore resulting in severe TMJ! Her non-invasive Chiropractic technique puts my jaw back in alignment [and let me add there’s no snap crackle and pop involved] taking away migraines,

neck tension and of course helping to take away the TMJ affects that I was suffering from on a daily basis! I cannot recommend Dr. Barnes at Nu-life Wellness Center enough! She is warm, caring and truly loves what she does and it shows when you speak with her! I refer everyone I know to her because she is definitely a miracle worker for me in my life! Thank you Dr Barnes!