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Chiropractic for Your Pets and you.

Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


Our Services

Browse a few of our specialty services below

Chiropractic Care

Regular Chiropractic adjustments help you to achieve your maximum health potential. 

Good posture and proper body mechanics can help reduce spinal and nervous system stress.

Massage Therapy

Experience tranquility!  Massage can give you the relaxation and healing to soothe your body, mind and spirit exactly the way you like and need. Our professional Massage Therapist will help you gain the healing properties your body is longing for.   Debbie Davidson LMT


Our bodies have individual systems that work together for the greater good. These systems nervous systems, circulatory, organ, endocrine and energy system called Qi. Acupuncture needles placed in specific areas of the body move or facilitate Qi energy and restore balance.   Alona Polecastro, Lac