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Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


Listen to the body

Doctor Karen Stevens-Barnes ask the body what needs correction, then feels and listens to the bodies needs and corrects the issues that need to be addressed while paying close attention to the nervous system.

This expands the ability to help patients heal with great success.

Will you be our next success story?

Our Mission​

Advocating for a healthy lifestyle through a unique approach to chiropractic care, 

overall health and wellness, relaxation and healing properties to all​​​​​.​

Nu-Life Wellness Center is conveniently located in Battle Ground Washington.

Just a few things that will make your visit to Nu-Life Wellness Center feeling right at home!

  • Quality Chiropractic care Provided By A  Licensed Chiropractor  
  • Friendly Staff & Practitioners
  • Excepts Insurance
  • Spacious Parking 
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plan
  • Family Friendly
  • Successful & Unique Health Modalities 

Doctor Karen Stevens-Branes DC

Owner & practicing chiropractor of Nu-Life Wellness Center.

Doctor Barnes began her practice in 2016 using a soft touch successful chiropractic technique.

Doctor Barnes is a board-certified chiropractor who corrects the alignment of joints and bones to reduce discomfort and to resolve and or maintain optimal health. Doctor Branes has gained extensive knowledge and certifications in her practice. She holds certificates KST technique and Webster [pregnancy chiropractic] technique.

At Nu-Life Wellness Center we offer many ways of promoting health, wellness and healing while using the tools of Chiropractic Care, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Massage Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy.

Will you be our next success story?